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  • “Not your grandmother’s concerto.”
    The Inlander, Spokane, WA

  • “Her performance was among the highest caliber that I have experienced with any performer or any orchestra."
    Enrique Diemecke, Music Director & Conductor
    Flint Symphony Orchestra

  • “Flurry was a brilliant advocate for Tan's work”
    Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA

  • "The Concerto for Water Percussion and Orchestra was captivating, as indicated by the standing ovation."
    The Flint Journal


(928) 533-3525
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Ragtime Dances for Marimba and Orchestra

"Maria Flurry clearly relished each of her partners, dancing her mallets over the marimba with elegance and warmth — and giving voice to the charismatic spirit of her husband’s remarkable composition for this, its premiere performance.”
Lena Hubin, Daily Courier

“… a virtuoso, not only because of technique and control..but the excellent, fluid body language that projects the score so clearly.”
Ed Roman, Prescott, AZ
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Ragtime Dances for Marimba and Orchestra is based upon the ragtime-influenced ballroom dance music of the 1910’s. The movements are each named after the dance step that would accompany the music. Within each movement, a soloist from the orchestra is featured as a “dance partner” to the marimba - a nod to ballroom etiquette.

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It is great fun to work one-on-one with each of the co-soloists from the orchestra. Each movement is tailored to the duet at hand: light and dexterous with the flute, noble with the horn, mischievous with the violin, broad with the trumpet, and pure rip-roaring ragtime with the clarinet. In Ragtime Dances, the larger ensemble remains light in texture and difficulty so that each marimba and co-soloist pair can shine in their respective duets.
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I love the idiomatic approach to the marimba wrapped within the varied character of each movement’s style and harmonic language. One can find the ragtime influence within each dance, but the character and moods are quite varied. (The audience will recognize the Foxtrot as a traditional ragtime.) While many of the scales are non-traditional and the notes quickly fly, the net effect is one of fresh lightheartedness with soul and substance.

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The audience is thoroughly charmed by the work. The music is completely engaging, and the visuals of navigating the extremes of the marimba — almost a dance in itself — only add to the delight. I can’t help but smile a how fun Ragtime Dances is during the performance.
(928) 533-3525
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